INSPIRATION: The Power of Courage by Sam Glenn

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Book Summery

New Book * The Power of  COURAGE by Sam Glenn

* Based off Sam’s new motivational speech for 2019 (

* 80 pages 

Courage means something unique and special to all of us. This book is only 80 pages, but filled with courageous quotes, stories, and an unbelievably powerful message to live your life with a deeper sense of courage. It’s an uplifting reminder to keep your head up, your focus forward and your mental outlook resilient. Where ever you are at in life and whatever you are going through or whatever your story may be,

Life Requires Courage to:

* Not Give Up

* Face The Unexpected

* Do the Right Things

* Start Over

* Try Again

* Face Your Fears

* Try Something New

* Stay Calm

* Believe

* Let Go

* Hold On

* Tell Your Story

* And more..

The strength of courage can come from many sources - a few uplifting words, someone’s story, a book or a really good friend. We find courage in each other and when we overcome what we thought we could not.

Pre-buy this special little book by Sam. It’s a book you will keep close and surely want to share with others and reread over and over.

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