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If you read only one inspirational book this year…consider this one by Sam Glenn, The Attitude Guy.

In addition to large print and easy reading on the eyes, Sam’s writing style is very entertaining, humorous and takes complex ideas and simplifies them.  

Sharing Your Popcorn is a recognition of your personal and professional greatness.  It’s reflecting on the best of who you are and harnessing your greatness to make a positive impact.  In simple terms, Sharing Your Popcorn is giving the best of who you are, where you are and with what you have.

Sam Glenn shares 21 foundational and fundamental ideas that center around…

  • Self-Leadership – the way we lead ourselves daily.
  • Attitude – choosing the right one that works for us and not against us.
  • Positivity vs. Negativity – reducing stress and unnecessary drama.
  • Integrity – taking ownership and doing what you say you will do.
  • Using adversity to your advantage.
  • How to turn your mess into a meaningful message and masterpiece.
  • Improving the quality of your communication.
  • How to lead and make a big impact with no rank, title or authority
  • Engagement – creating a life and workplace where you feel a sense of growth, contribution, purpose and most of all joy.
  • Enthusiasm – the fuel for excellence.
  • Courage – finding the strength to do what needs to be done.

….And lots more!

(Sam’s experience, research, perspective and application of these ideas will open your mind’s leadership eye as to how they can positivity work in your life.)  

This is the type of book worth sharing, so order a few copies!

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Mini Popcorn Lesson:

So, how important is giving your best and helping others give their best? Think about the last time you got short changed by someone who didn’t give their best. Maybe it was a relationship, poor customer service, a co-worker not doing their part or your meal at a restaurant not fully cooked right. Imagine a surgeon or an airline mechanic showing up for work and not giving their best. Think of any profession where someone’s lack of giving their best can result in costly the consequence.  This book will show you how to inspire and bring out the best in others, so you can minimize mediocre treatment from others.

Remember, the most dangerous person in any relationship or organization is the person who cares the least, but shows up anyways.  There is a way to combat that from happening. The absence of our best will always lead us down a path of mediocrity. The presence of our best builds positive momentum and excellence into our life. Remember, people don’t promote you, your demonstration of excellence does.

You don’t have to be perfect every day to give your best, but you will be challenged in this book to get a little better every day – to grow, stretch, reach deep, step up, step out, lend a hand, set the tone and keep climbing. Working on yourself doesn’t have to be an overwhelming chore, but rather it can be a rewarding and fulfilling journey.  Allow yourself to progress a little bit every day.

Sharing Your Popcorn is an exceptional way to harness the best of who you are and apply it to all areas of your life. And while we can’t change other’s attitudes, behaviors and efforts, we do have the power to set a meaningful example that catches someone’s attention and encourages them to give their best.  (More about that in the book)

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