Motivational Performance Art by Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn is an Award Winning Motivational Speaker Who Paints an Inspirational Picture During His Speeches 


 In addition to being an award winning motivational speaker, Sam is also an accomplished performance artist.

  1. Sam uses the performance art to reinforce his speech points in a fun and engaging way. Sam’s performance art are his own original concepts and style that smoothly tie into his speeches.
  2. The final painting will belong to your group. You have the option to keep it, give it away or auction it off. A good majority of Sam’s clients auction off his paintings to raise money for special causes. Sam’s Art typically auctions off from $1,000 all the way up to $40,000! It’s a great way to help any cause you support.
  3. While, we love speed painters, Sam Glenn is not one. He tried it once and now walks with a limp - just kidding!  Groups hire Sam for his speeches and content first. The painting is an added bonus that captures and holds everyone’s attention while visually reinforcing a positive message.    
  4. What separates Sam’s performance art from the speeding painters? Sam slows the process down and creates a more controlled and relaxed process. Sam paints while he speaks.
  5. Less mess. Sam does NOT splatter paint all over or dance around while he paints.  If you would like Sam to dance around while he paints, we would encourage everyone to cover their eyes. As fun as that would be, Sam saves the splatter and mess for when is at home entertaining his kids. Sam’s process is to speak and paint at the same time. It’s still very entertaining and engaging.  

 Be sure to follow Sam on Facebook as he gives away original paintings every month.