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Bob Ross Meets a Slow Jogger!” Abstract Artist and Inspirational Painter, Sam Glenn, Slows Things Down...And for a Good Reason

From Sam Glenn:
(VIDEO: impromptu painting with no paint brushes, see how it turns out...)

While, I love speed painters, I am not one. I slow the process down and allow the audience to take in the process and watch it come to life with meaningful content. As one client put it, “Sam, you are like Bob Ross meets a slow jogger. You don’t set any records, but - WOW -you sure feel good getting there.”


My Art Style: I am a self taught, abstract painter who loves to splash paint all over like Jackson Pollack. My artistic mission is help people discover a meaningful message in what appears to be a mess.

(Most of my clients will auction off my painting during their event and donate the funds to a special cause that they support. The highest bid to date for one of my paintings is $39,000! And it all went to help a great cause. How awesome is that!!!?

Happy Art Collector

Let’s bring your walls to life with a little inspiration!


My paintings look incredible in the home or office! Incredible! And make the best gifts.

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