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Meet Sam Glenn, The Authority on Attitude (c)

Sam is always hands down one of the biggest highlights at conferences and meetings. Sam Glenn’s engaging and humorous speeches captivate, entertain and educate.  With Sam Glenn, “It’s all about attitude!” At one time, Sam was one of the most negative people you could ever meet, however, something changed – Sam’s way of thinking. When you change your thinking, you change everything! As a result, Sam discovered  a new path for his life and a way to bring value to others through his inspirational books, art and speeches.

One of Sam’s favorite stories is how he accidentally knocked over the legendary Zig Ziglar at a morning buffet and it led to a friendship and mentorship. Zig was generous with his time and helped realign Sam's attitude for the better. 

Sam never set out to be a motivational speaker or an author. He started by teaching Sunday school and eventually his audiences grew to 75,000 people at stadium events. For the past twenty years, Sam Glenn has become widely known in the meeting and events industry as one of the most entertaining and energizing speakers at conferences . . . and you ask anyone if you don’t believe us.  Sam has won several national awards for his motivational training videos and empowering speeches on ATTITUDE. Sam and his family currently reside in Carmel, Indiana, but are originally from Minnesota. Sam’s growing speaking business has become what it is today because of super fans and word of mouth. Sam loves to connect with his fans at events and on social media.

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