Meet Sam Glenn - The Attitude Guy


WHAT I DO:  I make conference meetings “positivity unforgettable” by delivering inspirational speeches that elevate enthusiasm, engagement and excellence in life and work.  Basically….I make learning and growing fun.

Things were not always easy for me.  In 1996, I was broke, depressed and working odd jobs to get by.  I had no purpose, vision or ambition.  I was toxic, negative and unhappy.  Most nights, I would sleep on borrowed floor space or in my 82 Buick Regal.

It was over a cup of coffee that a friend gave me a wake up call or what I refer too as a “Kick in the Attitude.”  He helped change my thinking in a better direction.  Since I was always focused on the negative, my mind always gravitated to the negative.  I realized that I was living my life with an attitude that wasn’t working for me. I had to change my attitude to change my life and that is what I did.  We hear about this think called “attitude” our whole life, but I wanted to go into the deep end of the pool to learn as much as I could….and I did.  I learned that that “everything” follow

s the attitude we put before us – both personally and professionally.  I discovered you can be the smartest person in the world and the most talented, but if your attitude isn’t right, you defeat your best efforts.  The partnership of a better attitude with developing skills creates a health and positive momentum that makes work and life more rewarding.


For the past 25 years, I have spoken to every industry you can imagine on the topic of attitude.  Mostly, I discovered that people just need a moment to recharge their mental batteries.  The number one comment I hear after every speech I deliver is, “I really needed that.

Since I am a visual person, I love to paint inspirational pictures while I speak.  Some call it the Bob Ross approach.  I call it having fun while I work. 

I love working with leaders who love to see people win. Helping people grow, feel connected, valued and empowered with purpose is how you retain great people. Great people are driven to create great results.  Real leaders acknowledge that truth and are always working on bettering themselves because they understand as they get better, their organization and life gets better. 

Over the years, I have written over 30 books. Many are out of print or retired, but here is a list of my best selling books of all time.  If you like engaging content that won’t put you to sleep, I highly recommend checking out my books. (A little side note: I have what is known as Attention Deficit Disorder. So, I like when information grabs my attention, holds it and makes an impression.  If you read any of my books, the print is large and my books read easy, filled with stories, quotes and everything that will captivate you, hold your attention and have you wanting more.  Ask anyone!  I get emails every week from people who are not “big readers”, but they love reading my books because I make learning simple, fun, entertaining and engaging.  You will never regret reading one of my books.  Each book is geared to add value to your life and you will never regret investing in a better you – ever!


Like a Good Book?

Then you are going to love these!

These are a few of my all-time best-selling books:

* Attitude Changes Everything
* The Power of Courage
* Share Your Popcorn
* Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna
* Be Your Own Real-Life SUPERHERO
* The Gift of Attitude
* The Magic of Enthusiasm
* A Kick in the Attitude
* Life is Better When You're Laughing

If you would like the download version of these books, click here to download them all at a super discounted price. 



About My Motivational Speeches

This one is a vintage or older video of me speaking, but a fan favorite…enjoy the laugh.


I deliver close to 100 customized speeches a year to organizations who are looking for something uplifting, different and engaging. Most groups use my inspirational speeches to kick start their meeting to set a positive energy or tone for the event.  Some will wrap things up on a high note and send everyone out the door feeling ready to apply what they learned and experienced at the meeting.

Since, I customize my motivational talks, below are some key points and content that I share during my talk.  If you plan big meetings or know someone who does, feel free to throw my name in the hat – I am always grateful.  In fact, 99.9% of all my bookings are word of mouth.  I have built a very successful business on two primary things- trust and relationships.  When you deliver excellence, you become positivity unforgettable.  And that has been my mission since day one.

If you would like to inquire about how to have me speak at your next big meeting or conference, email us at:





Optimism Isn’t Wishful Thinking…It’s Courageous Thinking.

Depending on how I customize my talk for a group, industry or theme, here are just a few key learning points I share during my motivational speeches.

  1. Finding the message, meaning, and masterpiece in life's messes.
    2. Everything changes, but being human to others will never go out of style.
    3. The attitude we demonstrate others will replicate.
    4. How to be a real-life superhero without a mask or a cape.
    5. Why humor creates a more positive and healthy workplace culture.
    6. How to avoid an attitude bankruptcy.
    7. How to measure and add more enthusiasm to your workplace.
    8. Leaders are learners and choose to get better every day.
    9. Culture is a reflection of leadership.
    10. Recognition is the result of the right people doing the right things with the right attitude.
    11. Our attitude is the author of stories that people will replay, remember and share with author a great story.