Join Sam Glenn's Painting and Print of the Month Club - it's Free to Join!

Simply text SamGlennArt to
How it works:
Every month, I will text you a link to a new painting and print of the painting. It will also have a little positive message to go with it. It's free - no cost!
Someone Will Win the Painting of the Month - every month!
Everyone who participates in the painting and print of the month club will be eligible to win the original painting. We randomly pick someone new each month from the club to win the painting.
(Print Option)
If you like the painting and would like a print - we will offer a limited edition print at a super discontinued price that is only available to those who are signed up for this club. And there is absolutely no pressure to buy. In fact, just enjoy the view if you like my work.
(Postcard Option)
If you would like a postcard of the painting mailed to you, which you can frame and hang up - we will have that available also.
A note from Sam Glenn:
The goal of my art is to inspire. I want people to look at my art and feel good and happy. So, this is a way to expand on that and stay better connected.
If you have any questions, email: