Motivated by Art Training

MOTIVATED by ART (c) Training by Sam Glenn 

This is a Creative,Fun and Artistic Approach to Empowerment, Engagement, Leadership Development and Creating a Culture of Unforgettable Excellence and Enthusiasm 

From Sam Glenn....“The best teachers I have ever had in life and in business made learning fun. When learning is fun, it sticks - meaning we retain and apply the lessons more.  So, I created this artistic way to make learning leadership and cultivating organizational growth more fun and engaging.  Not only are you getting an inspiring  office makeover, but now you can use and apply my motivational art to personal and professional growth development.”

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Motivated by ART SUMMERY:

Sam Glenn’s performance art is actually a cool and creative training tool for personal and professional growth. A simple picture can communicate a powerful message that inspires engagement, creativity, leadership, positivity and happiness in the workplace. Happy people equates to happy results. 

Here is what you get with Motivated by Art Training

Item #1.
Digital Download of Sam Glenn’s top 10 best selling books. ( This is a $200 value in books per share.) You will be able to share this file with your team, staff and leadership. Comes in one PDF FILE  and is automatically emailed to you after purchase. 

Books Included in This Download: 

  1. The Gift of Attitude
  1. The Power of Courage
  1. Attitude Changes Everything
  1. Be Your Own Real Life Superhero
  1. Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna
  1. Share Your Popcorn
  1. The Gift of Failure
  1. Not All Superheroes Wear Capes 
  1. A Kick in the Attitude
  1. The Magic of enthusiasm. 


Item #2.  

(10) Autographed Copies of ATTITUDE is a CHOICE BOOK by Sam Glenn. (Shipped)

This is not your regular positive thinking book. It not only highlights the power of your ATTITUDE, but communicates HOW to utilize your attitude to change your circumstances, make a positive difference but how to inspire a better attitude in those around you.

 Item #3

 (3) ORIGINAL Motivational Paintings by Sam Glenn 

Not only will your office or conference room walls look brighter and more alive - but the art is actually a fun and creative training tool for engagement and culture development. 

  1. Painting #1 The Lion – this painting communicates lessons on courage, dealing with change and making empowering choices.
  2. Painting #2 The Eagle – this is painting communicates lessons on choosing an attitude that serves others, connects and elevates the best in everyone.
  3. Painting #3  The Grow Through What You Go Through Painting - This painting focuses on becoming better and using life’s adversities, set backs and unexpected circumstances to grow deeper roots and come out on top. 


All 3 paintings are abstract, expressive pieces by Sam.  Typically takes about 2 - 4 weeks for delivery for art. 

* Includes short training video with each painting 

* includes a facilitators sheet which describes each painting so you can easily communicate the meaning and message with each painting 

 If your need is to inspire and motivate others, solve problems, deliver results, communicate effectively, drive innovation and strategy, provide direction and goals, develop others, build relationships internally and externally, we  highly suggest this training.  

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