NEW! Virtual Motivational Speech by Sam Glenn: Keep Your Head UP!

Power Up Your Team’s Optimism with Sam Glenn’s Motivational Virtual Presentation

"Keep Your Head UP!"

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Now, more than ever, keeping the right frame of mind is so important. Would you agree?

We are excited to announce Sam Glenn’s new virtual speech based on his latest and greatest book- Keep Your Head UP!

Never before have so many people all faced change, unpredictable circumstances, and fear all at the same time. Life has changed for people in almost every way possible in both their personal and professional lives. No matter a person's age, location, or industry everyone is facing new challenges on an almost daily basis.

Now, more than ever, people have to be incredibly “intentional” about not only guarding their positive attitude but feeding it so that it can withstand the challenges the day presents. 

“As a speaker I have had to completely change my presentation style and format, adapt to last minute changes, and rebuild a business in an ever changing set of circumstances and regulation. What I communicate in my virtual speech is not guess work, it’s research, proof and evidence that when we think better, we can manage change better and come out ahead.” 

During this talk I will share relevant and practical tips on how to finish this year strong, while preparing to start next year off in the best possible way. With humor, real life examples, and strategies that actually work - I look forward to giving your team, organization or company the positive boost it needs to keep moving forward with your head up! 
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 Proof Sam’s Virtual Sessions Are Impacting Organizations and People’s Lives Daily

“This is the second time Sam Glenn has presented to our team and we can’t wait to have him back again!  Due to COVID, Sam presented virtually this time and I can honestly say that he was just as engaging on camera as he is in person.  Our teams can’t stop talking about his energy and positive attitude.  Sam is exactly what we needed at Legend. If you need more testimonials, let us know, I didn't want to overload you with how many we got.  Can't wait to have you back in person!"   - Legend Management Group LLC

 “Sam Glenn was outstanding.  His presentation and stories really resonated with and had a great impact on our team.  He was the best-received speaker that we’ve had at our meetings.  He was engaging, funny, impactful and brought a great energy to our day.”  - Wings Financial
“Every leader, regardless of your level within your organization, should consider bringing Sam in to talk to your team. We were very fortunate to  have Sam speak with our team via Zoom at our weekly staff meeting. With an engaging sense of humor and sincere optimism, he offers practical real world tips to help individuals at all levels not only survive these current challenging times, but to find courage and regain joy.”- Senior Director, Continuing Education Florida Tech 



Questions & Answers

Q: What motivational topics does Sam cover during his virtual presentations?

A: Sam’s hot topics focus on attitude, leadership, enthusiasm, resilience, emotional management and teamwork. (We will work with you to customize the best focus for your group.)


Q: How long are Sam’s virtual sessions?

A:  Sam’s sessions are customized to your needs. However, our research shows shorter sessions have a bigger impact and greater retention.  Sam can present 15 minutes up to 60 minutes.  And we over multiple sessions, so if you want to purchase 3 sessions with Sam to use over the course of the year, you can do that as well.  You can have Sam speak LIVE to your group, or pre-record so you have access to use and share with your group when you want and how you want. 

Q:  How much does a (virtual session) cost?

A:  It's very affordable. Email us to discuss best topics, dates and budget.  Sam’s amazing and super helpful booking manager is Danielle Thomas and her email is: 


In Case You Need Approval or Have to Pitch This To Someone, We Thought This Might Help…

Benefits You Can Expect from Sam Glenn's Virtual Motivational Experience...

  1. Nobody will get off the  virtual call and say, "Wow, that was a snoozer!"  
    Sam delivers quality content with humor, art and - well, if you have seen Sam speak -it’s what we call ADD friendly.  
  2. When we think better, we do better and feel better. This leads to positive engagement, communication and teamwork. -  (”I’m sold right there!”)
    3.  Increased resilience and decreased negativity. Managing change and staying focused during uncomfortable change,  adversity and uncertainty can be a test of attitude.  Let’s build on an attitude of strength. 
  3. You burn more calories - ummm...have you ever heard Sam speak before?  Did you know that 20 minutes of a good laugh is equivalent to a 5 minute jog?  No jogging required - laughter makes learning more fun and helps retain information up to 2000% better than a powerpoint or webinar presentation.  (”Sign me up now!!”)
  4. A happier and healthier workplace. Hey- who doesn’t want to wake up and feel excited about their work or empowered with purpose?  Going to work where you feel safe, empowered, valued and growing is called a super good deal.  
  5.  Your workplace is about to look way cooler with original artwork by Sam Glenn.  His paintings all carry an inspiring message that visually reminds us that our attitudes make the biggest difference every day.  ”Is that by chance a Sam Glenn Van Gogh?”   

 Contact us to inquire or just to say "hi" - we don't mind! 


"Sam In Action"