An Artistic and Motivational Virtual Experience with Sam Glenn

A Quick Note From Sam Glenn:

If you are looking for a way to keep your team and group inspired during these uncertain times, we got you covered!  This is a Virtual Motivational Experience that just happens to be fun, customized, entertaining and insightful - or as we like to say



Q: What is Motivated by Art and How Does it Work?

A: "Motivated by Art" is a virtual experience that features award winning author and speaker, Sam Glenn, painting one of his signature paintings LIVE (via zoom) while delivering an empowering and uplifting message customized to your industry and group.  

Q: How long are the sessions?

A:  25-35 minutes. The reason we try to make the sessions short and sweet  is because - well, let's be real  - do you enjoy staring at a computer screen for an hour listening to someone speak?  Sam has designed each session to be what he calls, "ADD FRIENDLY".  Sam has attention deficit disorder, so he understands that if delivering valuable content doesn't grab your attention and hold onto it, it won't stick.  

Sam isn't going to be sitting in his office speaking to you through a laptop. He makes learning fun, engaging and entertaining.  This is why his clients continue to hire him over and over and over again.  

Q:  How much does a Motivated by Art (virtual session) cost?

A:  It's very affordable and works to fit your budget. The best way to save money is to buy a bundle of sessions. So, if you purchase 2 or 3 sessions, you can use them quarterly, monthly, weekly or coordinate with Sam's team the best dates that work with your schedule. The more sessions to buy, the more discounted each session becomes.  

Email us  to discuss how to schedule a Motivated by Art (Virtual) Experience for Your Group:  Sam’s amazing and super helpful booking manager is Danielle Thomas and her email is: 

  In Case You Need to Get Approval, Maybe This Will Help...

Benefits You Can Expect from Sam Glenn's Books, Art and Virtual Solutions

1. Nobody will get off the call and say, "Wow, that was a snoozer!"  

2. When we think better, we do better and feel better.  This leads to engagement. -  (”I’m sold right there!”)
3.  Increased resilience and decreased negativity. Managing change and staying focused during uncomfortable change,  adversity and uncertainty can be a test of attitude.  Let’s build on an attitude of strength. 

4. You burn more calories - ummm...have you ever heard Sam speak before?  Did you know that 20 minutes of a good laugh is equivalent to a 5 minute jog?  No jogging required - laughter makes learning more fun and helps retain information up to 2000% better than a powerpoint or webinar presentation.  (”Sign me up now!!”)

5. A happier and healthier workplace. Hey- who doesn’t want to wake up and feel excited about their work or empowered with purpose?  Going to work where you feel safe, empowered, valued and growing is called a super good deal.  

6.  Your workplace is about to look way cooler with original artwork by Sam Glenn.  His paintings all carry an inspiring message that visually reminds us that our attitudes make the biggest difference every day.  ”Is that by chance a Sam Glenn Van Gogh?” 
7. Continued Learning.  Sam’s books are easy and fun to read. ( You can download 5 for $5 to see for yourself.)   You can read them as a team and discuss points at meetings, but a good book can be the ultimate game changer in someone’s life.  As the late Robin Williams once said, “Words and ideas  can change the world.”  As we like to say, “so can a great book. IWhen you read one of Sam’’ll see what we mean.” 

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